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13500 bel-red road, suite 7a
bellevue, wa 98005



Mission + Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy

Kip Beelman Photography

Kip Beelman Photography


Our mission is to create a thoughtful playspace, learning environment and community, that supports families with young children as they move through their developmental milestones.    


Our vision is to develop an innovative learning environment that is playful, child-led, and deeply rooted in early childhood development.  

Guiding Principles

Child-Centered Learning

We encourage children to become active participants in their own learning and development.  Children are at the heart of our supportive community, where their experience is immersive and where each child's unique qualities of age, gender, temperament, culture, and learning style are respected.

Core Values

We nurture relationships that value respect, trust, kindness, accountability, and honesty.  We connect in an environment that not only supports & extends intellectual growth, but also provides the space for self-awareness, personal discovery, and self-reflection.

About Our Unique Learning Environment

Our North Stars Tenants

Everything we do / Every choice we make must meet our guiding light principles.  


Supportive Environment

Meet Learners Where They Are

Authentic Student Interest

Building Real World Connections

Equity Minded